Wednesday, December 31, 2008

this last day of '08

...What a year! Ups, downs, like a roller coaster... Heavy lessons at the many turns

I learned... Friendship is a GAME, Love isn't.
I learned... Wisdom is OFTEN scorned
I learned... Truth is MOSTLY ignored
I learned... Forgiveness and HOW to LeT GO

I loved...

So I thank all the special people who Were, who Are, who Will be and who MAY be... I thank you because with good or bad who taught me lessons this year.

In light of our squabbles, I am grateful for the scorn
And through the past troubles, how you held me in your arm
When "it" blinded me, how you helped me see
How you made me cherish the me I forgot so desperately

And to the ones who left and returned,
the ones I pushed off but still pressed on,
the ones who used and maybe abused... thank you

You who responded before I called,
it seemed like you were just always there
from January 1... the lover, the encourager,
the one we could all call brother (or sister)/lover/friend --
Thank you

I love you with all my heart....
May we all have an awesome 2009!!!
I cannot fully express how grateful I am that
we started... or ended this year...
I LOVE You way more than you can imagine!!!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thoughts of my passion...

How will it be?
Not like I'm going from pleasure to uncertainty
I mean, I'm quite familiar with the expectations
Question is, Am I ready?
For this, for that
For heat, for rats?
Am I ready for disorganized confusion...
or is there some organization in that disorganization?
Am I ready to be comfortable with
the stark raving inequalities

To accept the dirt and dust-
like I'm accustomed to it, when I'm clearly not?
My biggest concern is - the people, my people
How will I deal with their brash mannerisms
and uncouthness
How will I endure the feferious humbugs?
No, I am not any better, more honest or any more civilized
but I have grown unaccustomed to these things i
lived free of for a sextet

I am nervous and afraid because I love them
I am afraid that they may not love me back
or they may have a strange way of showing it...
Or maybe the conditions surrounding have
suppressed their emotions
Now all they live for is self -- selfish ambition
Or maybe if I am extremely humble
with the lowest of expectations for my
brothers and sisters --
I'll be just fine.

Enter unnoticed, suffer in silence
grow accustomed and eventually join the pack...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Greetings...

Wishing you all an AWESOME December!!

God bless ...


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History Made

Barack Obama is the 1st African American President of the United States of America... Yes We Can

and we shall... Amen

Saturday, November 1, 2008



He said October would be Awesome and it was cos He is!!!!! Right now, I'm jamming some JesusJams and praising cos. this Papa God is the greatest awesommmesssstttt evverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... if u ain't widdim, u bera join d train mayynnneeee...

Congrats 2 my padi gettin married dis mnth and to all the folks who got engaged (wink wink) or married last mnth -- may my own Papa God continually lead u in Jesus name -- AMENNN!!!

So, I've been so buuuussssssyyyy...  hence the no-updating.. sorry avid readers... i should be back in full force soonest, amen.

Now for NOVEMBER... I pronounceeeeee NUMEROUS BLESSINGS FOR YOU ALL!! God will do the impossible for you this month just REMEMBER to give Him the HIGHEST and LOUDEST praise...  
no -- matter -- what! :D

Ouddie mehnnn...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October begins in...

Greetings All...

I failed to wish you all a Super September at the beginning of this month.. you have my sincerest apologies... I'm sure it was Super anyway... This month has been very interesting for me, in good ways and bad ways... I give God ALLL the glory, for his awesome mercies and unconditional love... So, hows it been for you?

Couple of things: CONGRATULATIONS to all the September Weds and Engag-ees!!! May your union be forever and fruitful indeed! Also the new moms or newly delivered moms and dads! Congrats!!!

So.. October begins in a couple of hours.... here goes... some new stuff.. in an effort to become more knowledgeable in technology, I am committing to one tech blog every week.. so help me God... I also need to loose my tummy... some weight sha.. so thats another personal project...
It seems like theres soooooooooooo much to do and not enough time in a day to accomplish all, but with God, all things are possible...

I'm really focused on the priZe - Heaven and others... I miss Olufemi tremendously... I'm gettin used to the absence sha.. did i mention i have A LOOTT on my plate?
God is good... Love Him, Serve Him, don't try to handle your business by yourself cos it may look like you're doing good now.. but in the long run.. trust me, you'll fail woefully..
I wrote like two poems yesterday.. enjoy one of them... still untitled.. mayBe you can help me title it ;)

Who can write a poem about nothing?
surely, we all
can set out to - but
When the pen tip kisses a surface
meaninglessness is lost
there is futility in trying
because - this piece evolves
when the offspring of
ink and paper's romance...
multiples and multiples
maybe in a ramble, a route-less turnabout
maybe a twisted beginning, an abrupt end
a tactless middle
surely that cannot be about nothing
So tell me, who can write a poem about nothing?
and succeed in convincing us that it is
-not like a love affair that did not
end up in marriage; not a journey, unplanned for
an exercise of consciousness
an attempt to cause a repression -
of faculties...
so what can i call this?
this piece.....

a poem about, a poem about nothing?
cos it still lies unwritten..........

May October OVERFLOW with many great goodies for you and your family... Amen! Stay blessed always!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

....another matter

i can longer ask, "how do you do that?"
because now I know...
i have become one of them,
without question
I have gone far... but not all the way
far.. far enough to know that
we are on the same page.... I can relate

I can relate when you talk about those -
"other" things, the dirty things
because I have lost innocence in those matters